Journeys of Discovery


We have been living in the south of France (for the most part) since 2008. We began the this journey to live overseas when we decided to take our Senior Year Abroad, to study French overseas for a year like many students do in their junior year in college. We joined a sea of college juniors from all over the world at Montpellier Université III (Paul Valéry Université) in Montpellier, a city of 350,000 ten miles or so from the Mediterranean where one out of every four residents is a student. Our decision to attend school in Montpellier flowed naturally from two previous visits here, one in 2007 and the other in 2005.


We kept a blog for the first seven years we were here but took a year off last year.  Our friends have asked us to please restart it, so here we are, with a new look and a computer program that is easier to use.  Additions will come as the mood suits, but hopefully more than once a year! We will also use this site to showcase slide shows of Bob's photos which many of you have seen in the form of note cards.


It is nice to be in touch again this way. Happy viewing!